Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rocawear Evolution

Love started this past week and it's pretty awesome. Im extremely happy right now knowing that from now on I will be spending my life with my very special someone. Sorry if im being mushy. Haha. With work and a new found love im trying to squeeze in some blogging time for myself. Although i feel like im gonna get sick tonight we were able to take these photos just in time before the sun sets. Thanks to Arvin Perry for helping me out today :-)

The new shoes from Rocawear. These fresh kicks are the coolest creations ever known to man. Im never gonna take them off...probably going to sleep in them lol

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alonso Mateo

I just cant help myself to be obsessed with this kid (instagram sensation), check him out rockin that camou like a pro :-D

all decked up in Gucci, Tom Ford, Dior and AllSaints, Alonso is by far the most stylish kid the world has ever and most likely will ever see

if you thought that fashion is not a 'kid thing' then it's time you got a reality check

meet Alonso Mateo, all of five, but with a style sense of a grown up fashionista also poses like a seasoned male model

he became an Internet sensation after his mother Luisa Fernanda Espinosa a freelance stylist from Laguna Beach, California, who has worked for Harper’s Bazaar, put up her son's pictures on her Instagram account, his personal Instagram account now boasts of more than 34,000 followers :-O

so, all those who thought that fashion is not something you could do, here is your chance to take a cue and spruce up your style.

Friday, August 16, 2013

JIMMY CHOO Autumn-Winter 2013 HI-TOPS

Jimmy Choo's new collection is an expansion of hi-tops with luxuury fabrics mixing it with street style aesthetic, these babies are fashionably eXpensive with the capital X, i present to you the breakdown of sihlouettes (spell check? whatever! too lazy to google) right here,

this is the Belgravia

Jimmy Choo’s mainstay sihlouette, get a wide range of updates from the ultra-mega-super-cool camo print to embossed croc, micro studs and neon brush off leather

priced at $740 USD :-O

and this is the Barlowe

a refined, dressy trainer with a flash of pyramid studs around the sole striking the balance between casual and formal dressing

priced at $928 USD :-O :-O :-O

this reminds of my true love Givenchy star strap high top (sorry for the mess)

and finally, my favourite, the Spencer, classic high top with an urban edge thanks to a bold fold-over cuff with pyramid studs giving the style a modern rock n roll feel

priced at $740 USD :-O

Jimmy Choo’s new range of hi-tops are available now from :-*

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I feel sad today so i just pushed myself for another shoot alone (yup, just me and my self-timer again haha) just to keep myself busy. :( Anyway, check out my dark look today, kinda pleased with the outcome of my self-timer-shoot-because-im-a-loner-but-im-cool in the neighborhood and this is actually my first time to shoot outdoors with people looking at me with this-guy-is-crazy-cool-wtf-is-he-doing look. i dont give a sh*t

 these boots are made for walking baby! another DIY studded boots by myself :)

what i dont love about self-timer is that i only have 12 seconds to fix the camera and run quickly to get into position hoping ill get a good shot but heres what usually happens.....

so i got crazy cloning myself hahaha and inverted the colors of some of my photos