Friday, October 4, 2013

KTZ Spring/Summer 2014

Symbols have recently become KTZ’s trademark, as were featured abundantly at AW13. This time they’ve had a pep-up, with ying and yang symbols taking centre on long gowns, bold silver markings striking out against an all black canvas and slogans such as “Poison” and “Terror” appearing across chests and trainers. The long layers and strategic fit are complimented with bold jewellery in piercing silver. Jewellery that takes menacing shapes in spikes, orbs and studs. Featured on snapbacks, shoes, masks, wrists and skirt linings the metallic additions brought this collection into an even tougher scene. As well as symbols, KTZ have played with print, coating an entire look in the same colour and print scheme. Ancient map prints were stretched over double latching rucksacks, headscarves, and knee length pinafores, while bold geometric prints in deep blue and red was found on harem pants, crombie coats and rib cuffed bombers.

The subliminal message here might not hit home straight away. World affairs are being in-explicitly played through symbols, prints and flag like capes, with words like “terror” probably insinuating more than first thought. Whatever the message, KTZ demonstrated an incredible eye for detail, finishing and print-work through this fantastic collection.

THE Look